General Information

Aim of the Program

Child Development program aims, in the 0-6 age (pre-school) have normal development, as well as special educational needs of children with all areas of development (cognitive, language, motor, self-care, social and emotional) supporting theoretical and practical training programs with the children, families, educators and community service providers and educators is to educate Child Development.

Career Opportunities

Child Development in the field of undergraduate education the college graduates of, the training in accordance with preschool education and special education institutions, master instructor or assistant teacher status, working in the children's clinic in the games room treatment in time to the children music, art, drama, gymnastics, computer training, providing pleasant as providing , materials (puppets, concepts and issues cards, story writing), prepare to apply the rules of first aid training are members with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

it is ok to all the SDK with 5 points.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Vocational Schools' graduates from the Department of Child Development Preschool Teacher Education faculty and the faculty of Health Sciences can switch to the Child Development section.