General Information

Aim of the Program

Mission :

To  raise inovative and high standard  electrical  and electronik engineers ,  to provide   an education at international level , to carry out advanced level research  and development  in order to improve the standards of the society.

Our aim is to provide the students an understanding of electrical and electronics engineering that is necessary for academic and field studies including fundamental experiment design and communication skills which are built upon computers, technology, physics, and mathematics. Electrical Electronics engineer can solve technical problems, take place in teamwork, organize and present information including inter-disciplinary subjects, explain their thoughts effectively both in oral and written form, have successful carriers in national and international companies working in the fields of engineering, research and development.. 

Career Opportunities

Istanbul Gelişim University Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, who cares about practical studies as much as theoretical courses, stands in a unique educational institution in international academical organisations. Our graduates who successfully completed Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department can work in Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, other Ministries, EPDK, TEIAŞ, TEDAŞ, EÜAŞ, TRT and other public organisations in the public sector.  Also our graduates have the opportunity to work in the national and international electric, electronics, communication, biomedical and computer fields  in the private sector.

Istanbul Gelişim University continues its success with the graduates who aims for the lifelong learning, innovative, entrepreneur and ethical engineer graduates.


Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Students in other engineering fields  such as computer engineering , Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering ,petroleum engineering  etc..are  eligible  for undergraduate transfer


Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Not Possible