General Information

Aim of the Program

The Main Objective of Department

The main objective of Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Gelişim University is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills that they have gained throughout their undergraduate education and training in hardware and software that will enable them to improve, design and manage business systems and processes in an environmentally compatible manner in terms of effectiveness, productivity, profitability, flexibility, sensitivity, sustainability and high quality principles; and to educate graduates modern and qualified industrial engineers who have the qualifications, social responsibility and professional ethics.


Program Educational Objectives

Our graduates who are raised in the framework of the main objective;

  1. Istanbul Gelisim University graduates of Industrial Engineering can provide researchers, creative, innovative, productivity-enhancing, scientific solutions individually and in team work to business and management problems with basic engineering formation and possessing contemporary professional equipment (PEO1).
  2. Istanbul Gelisim University graduates of Industrial Engineering can follow developments in current technology and Industrial Engineering by adopting the principle of life-long learning; They can continue their professional and personal development by carrying out postgraduate studies, take part in scientific researches and projects when necessary (PEO2).
  3. National and international enterprises and organizations can accept themselves with success in each management stage over time, they can take place as effective and directive in the practice of their profession and they can manage (PEO3).
  4. They exhibit an exemplary personality that is open to the world, questionable, entrepreneurial, confident, principled, prone to teamwork, sensitive to environment and collecting, respectful to professional ethical values (PEO4).

Career Opportunities

Having a wide range of employment opportunities in public and private sectors, Industrial Engineers can work in various fields from banking to automotive, telecommunication to energy, etc. Positions and departments of industrial engineers are also variable per their business field. Automotive, textile, production & industrial products, informatics, finance, consultancy, electric-electronics, mining and metal industry, telecommunication, construction, food, chemistry, service, education, transportation, health and energy sectors can be counted as available fields of activity for industrial engineers.
Departments like Production planning, Logistics, Quality Management, Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources, Product and Process Development, Financial Planning, Research and Development, Academic Career, Innovation Applications, Information Management, etc. are available departments for Industrial Engineers. Istanbul Gelisim University, Department of Industrial Engineering continuously updates its educational curriculum in parallel with the developing and changing technology.

Departmant of Industrial Engineering graduates apart from domestic and industrial sector various public and private institutions and organizations production planning and control engineer various levels of administrator ,administrative assistant academician the system designer total quality control specialist consulting services specialist occupational safety specialist strategic planning specialist system resolver program software,In the financial sector planner supply chain and logistic manager in cooperation with the other branches and disciplines projects of various sizes task are preferred in our graduates are preferred business areas and sectors increasingly students who complete the program succesfully industrial engineer disciplines or other science branches of this field accepts a student masters and doctoral programs are eligible to apply.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

In a lateral transfer of students from one higher education to another, the provisions of the regulations prepared in accordance with the clause (e) of the 7th Article of the 2547 numbered Law of Higher Education shall be applicable.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer