General Information

Aim of the Program

Information to the growing need in the field every day, both theoretical and practical skills in the sector, specializing in technical support staff to work as programmers and technicians to train. In addition, communities can adapt to the rapidly developing computer technology , the knowledge required to collect and process information on topics related to this in the face of problems that can produce fast and accurate solution aims to train qualified personnel . Technical staff to catch up on , with the aim of our students , both system design , development, and computational networks, the establishment and management, systems and database management, web page preparation and presentation areas lessons are given. Visual programming , database management, web programming, operating systems, computer hardware as well as in information technologies most needed topics courses , depending on the transfer of students and practical, in terms of providing this information in a computer lab applying the full learning takes place .

Career Opportunities

Practice Areas: Alumni Industry Institutions, Software Companies , Computer Marketing and Technical Support Firms , Insurance Companies , Banks, Business Organizations , Internet Service Providers , Internet Broadcasting Companies , Radio, Television , Stock Transportation, Logistics company serving in I can offer , such as computer training, marketing , consulting deal with or may work in their jobs . Inter-segment Transferred to the program: Information Security Technologies ( English), Computer Programming ( English), Computer Technology ( English) Vertical Shift Scheduler Degree Programs : Information Technology, Computer - Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Education, Computer Systems Education , computer Technology and Information Systems , Computer Information Systems, computer Science and Control Systems, computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education , Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Technology, Physics, Statistics, Statistics and computer Science, Control Teaching , Mathematics and Computer Science , Meteorology Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer , Aerospace Engineering, Software Engineering

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Education Computer Systems Teaching Computer Technology and Information Systems Computer and Information Systems Computer Science and Control Education Computer Education and Instructional Technology Teacher Computer and Informatics Information Systems Engineering Information Systems and Technology Electronics and Computer Education Information Technology Physics Statistics Statistics Control Teaching of Mathematics and Computer Science, Computer Engineering Aerospace Engineering Meteorology Software Engineering