General Information

Aim of the Program

it is aimed to raise qualified kitchen cheffs who acquired academic information and skills in cooking field, able to compete internationally with his/her theorical and practical information and background about turkish kitchen and other kitchens, able to communicate with his/her collagues from different countries.

Career Opportunities

The students who are graduated from hotel, restaurant and catering and cooking branch, gaining the title as a cook are able to work in certified touristic corporations , restaurants, catering companies, kitchens of plane-ship-train-shuttle bus-hospitals as chefs, assistant chefs, department chef, chef de sauce, chef de poisson, grill chef, chef de roti, chef de soupe, vegetable chef, joker chef, cold chef, pastry chef, butcher, demi chef, commis, test chef, gastronomist, food&beverage manager, food supplement manager, kitchen manager, kitchen auditor-coordinator, restaurant manager etc… also could serve people with a title of food researcher, food writer, food handler, food stylist, food architect, menu developer, recipe developer, food&beverage trainer…

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

The students are able to transfer to other branches which are approved by the turkish council of higher education

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

The candidates who complete associate degree succesfully and who get a pass degree from the vertical transfer examination gain access to family and consumer science, nutrition and dietetic, gastronomy - kitchen art and management branches within The quantity which is determined by faculties/high schools according to the turkish council of higher education regulations.