General Information

Aim of the Program

Sports Management Department aims to educate managers who have the ability of managing and guiding with information based on scientific foundations, who have gained the ability to solve problems, have good communication, and adopt a teamwork mentality for organizations within the sport industry, for the public or private sports related institutions, schools and universities.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Sports Management department will have the opportunity to be employed at "Events management companies," "Sports marketing companies," "Sports halls for commercial purposes", "Health and fitness units of companies", "Visual and printed media organizations", "Local Administrations Sport Departments"," Youth and Sports Ministry and various units",   "Tourism Sector and Hotels", "Sports Clubs with Amateur and Professional Branches" and "National and International Sports Federations".

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Provided that the conditions in the related regulations are fulfilled, intra-institutional lateral transfer can be conducted to all faculties and schools. Students can also use lateral transfer option to transfer at similar departments of other institutions.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Students can make vertical transfers from associate degree programs related with sports management.