Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The Nutrition and Dietetics Master Program (Non-Thesis), which is within the part of Istanbul Gelisim University Institute of Graduate Studies, continues its educational activities with great stability with an understanding of education aimed at internationalization. In Nutrition and Dietetics Non-Thesis Master's Program, students are educated as an expert in nutrition who is visionary and committed to ethical values. They are able to contribute to academic studies, research and development projects, develop nutrition policies, write scientific articles for national and international publications, work as an instructor, develop solutions to individual and social nutrition problems, offer solutions on different fields.

With the program; experts informed with up-to-date and universal knowledge, who can closely follow, interpret and use correctly the technology used in the field of nutrition, new methods developed in the world, statistical data and researches, are brought to the health sector.

Objectives of the Program

Nutrition and Dietetics Non-Thesis Master Program aims to educate experts who have advanced theoretical knowledge and practical experience and are able to take part in national and international senior positions related to nutrition, do academic studies and projects, use technology and science effectively, produce solutions that can be included in the international literature to problems in the field of nutrition.

In addition, it aims to raise graduates who believe in universal values, respect individual differences, defend freedom of thought and expression and scientific freedom, live together with tolerance, respect the right to life of all living things, think critically and ensure ecological, economic, socio-cultural sustainability.