General Information

Aim of the Program


The aim of the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is to raise successful and leading chefs, managers and individuals who have the artistic sensibility, competing in national and international fields, know the finest aspects of Turkish and World culinary arts in the best way.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department will have employment opportunities in many places and sectors including public and private institutions. Having employment opportunities mainly at five-star hotel kitchens, our graduates may also work at food and drink enterprises, kitchens of corporations, cruise vacation ships and catering companies. While our graduates generally receive titles like gastronomy specialist, manager, chef, assistant chef, line chef, pastry chef, etc. in the positions at their companies; if they wish to develop an academic career, they can take charge as research associates after completing their academic study.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Our university accepts students via lateral transfer within the scope of the quota and in accordance with the “Regulation on Lateral Transfer Between Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Interinstitutional Credit Transfer”.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students that want to study at our department via Vertical Transfer will be placed by the ÖSYM (Assessment Selection And Placement Center) provided that they get the required score in the Vertical Transfer Exam. As well, vocational school graduates can continue the four-year undergraduate study as long as they provide the conditions set forth in the related regulation.