General Information

Aim of the Program

The aim of the school of the physical education and sports recreation program is, in the field of recreation, it is to train recreation leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and professional ethics that can analyze the needs of the environment and society. Also, it is to plan and implement the natural structure, historical, and cultural richness of the environment they live in, in line with the expectations of the nation.

Career Opportunities

Students who have received the pedagogical formation certificate can work as a physical education and sports teacher in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. He can do master's and doctorate education in the fields related to Sports Sciences and can take part in academic staff in universities provided that he fulfills the necessary conditions.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Provided that the conditions in the related regulations are fulfilled, intra-institutional lateral transfer can be conducted to all faculties and schools. Students can also use lateral transfer option to transfer at similar departments of other institutions.