Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Our graduates who have successfully completed the Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program (Non-Thesis) have a Nutrition and Dietetics Master's (Non-Thesis) degree.

Occupational Profiles

When the program is completed and the program qualifications are met, a non-thesis master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics is obtained.

Graduates of Nutrition and Dietetics undergraduate education, after completing their master's degree, can work in many areas such as public and private sector inpatient treatment institutions, rehabilitation centres, outpatient diagnosis and treatment centres, training and counselling centres (universities, provincial health directorates, health education companies, ministry of health), sports centres, non-governmental organizations that carry out health projects etc.

Horizontal Transition

In accordance with the principles of "Graduate Education and Training Regulations, Student Admission by Transfer" determined by the Higher Education Council, under the terms of "Admission requirements for graduate transfer students to Istanbul Gelisim University Graduate Programs" by the Istanbul Gelisim University  Institute of Graduate Studies opportunity is offered.

Vertical Transmission

According to the scope of the Nutrition and Dietetics Non-Thesis Master Program, students are not accepted from any program through vertical transfer.